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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Da Boss Seeks Re-Election...

The chances are good that Mike Bloomberg will win re-election. He's peaking at the right time. During his term, never have his approval ratings been as high. According to the most recent Quinnipiac poll, 60% of voters approve of his performance. Unsurprisingly, his support manages to cut across party lines. Remember, he was a registered Democrat before his late conversion to the Republican party just before the New York mayoral elections in 2001. Alike his predecessor, he's a "Republican-lite" who takes tough stances on crime and finances, but is basically permissive socially.

Ironically, the Economist (pay site) believes that Mike's defeats in garnering support for building a new $2.2 billion sports complex on the West Side and wooing the 2012 Olympic games make him more palatable to the populace. Stripped of grandiose projects and bolstered by a strong local financial services industry, Bloomberg looks hard to beat, pot-smoking or not.

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