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Monday, July 04, 2005

Profile#3: Nigel Stevenson

You'd think that reading from a TelePrompTer is easy; well, it probably isn't so difficult once you get used to it. Still, making the news interesting is a skill that only the most gifted hosts have. Nigel Stevenson (Bloomberg Europe) is one of those few hosts. Although he is impeccably well-groomed, Stevenson is nondescript in appearance. His ability lies not in leveraging his visage. Rather, his delivery is well-nigh perfect. If there ever was a fellow who ought to teach public speaking, Stevenson's your man. Things you can learn from him include how to place emphasis on key words; modulate one's voice to be neither unintelligibly soft nor unnecessarily pointed; identify a proper pace of speaking; and use proper business etiquette.

Knowledgeable about business and nearly flawless as a news reader, he is the ne plus ultra among Bloomberg hosts. Stephen King critics say that the author could publish his grocery list and make it a bestseller. Well, Nigel Stevenson could probably read your laundry list and make it sound interesting.

Fearless Viewer's Grade: A

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