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Thursday, July 21, 2005

...But What's Become of the Biz?

Make no mistake: Bloomberg L.P. never had a reputation as an easygoing workplace. The Economist (pay site) pointed out last year that morale has been suffering with Mike Bloomberg's leave of absence to run the city of New York. Whereas he used to be able to command loyalty and long hours of work from his employees through charisma and a sense of caring, his successors seem to have lost the winning touch. The signs of trouble are evident: low morale, infighting, and frequent resignations. What's worse, it's been played out on a public stage. As an example, the New York Newspaper Guild, in its efforts to unionize the firm's employees, has set up a gripe site. Also largely unfavorable are comments made by posters on the career info site, Vault.

For us viewers, this pattern is clearly worrying. While Bloomberg TV has lost some people I could care less about, they've also lost the likes of Edie Lush and that suspender-and-bowtie bonds guy who I thought were quite good. Hopefully, Mayor Mike's political ambitions do not cause further neglect of his business interests. After all, they're instrumental in filling his campaign coffers, and are what he'll return to after his days in politics are done.

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