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Monday, June 20, 2005

Streaming Internet Feed Doesn't Display Data

A nifty feature of Bloomberg TV is that you can view a stream of its programming online for US, European, and Asian editions. In the event that you find yourself without cable but with Internet access, keeping up with the markets in this manner looks like a feasible alternative.

The problem though is that the Internet feed just features a view of the main screen. Omitted are the stock ticker, the stock indices, foreign exchange quotes, and news headlines. Let's say you're watching the US Internet feed of the program while waiting for European economic data to break. If the data is relatively secondary to US markets, chances are that it will be displayed in the news headlines section of the broadcast edition and not be mentioned by the newscasters. That means Internet viewers will miss this data. Hopefully, Bloomberg can find a remedy so that this data can be relayed in a timely manner on its Internet feed.

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