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Friday, September 16, 2005

Blogging Hardware Update

I’m back to my occasional hobby of blogging Bloomberg after a short sabbatical. I’m moving from my after-hours workstation pictured here, where I monitor Bloomberg like a hawk, to more northerly climes. So, it’s ta-ta for now to my usual equipment, an Acer laptop and a TCL television. The Acer is well-equipped but heavy, while the TCL—made by the world’s largest television maker—has a big screen but so-so picture quality. Still, it had a good price, well under half that of a Sony CRT unit.

I’m going back to my usual travel companion, my Lenovo, er, IBM ThinkPad A22M. I bought this unit in 2001 and its Pentium III 1.0 GHz is still going strong. Its battery life isn’t what it used to be, and it wasn’t all that great to begin with. Still, the unit’s light weight and top-class keyboard still make it a joy to use. A problem arises in that I have only one USB 1.1 (old standard) port for an iPod Mini, Viper internet phone, PQI USB drive and Okion Mobix mouse. I’ve partly solved the problem with the mouse by using a PS2 adapter, leaving me with “only” three USB devices vying for one port! I feel that I’ll manage, though. In particular, the mouse is really cute, about ¼ the size of a regular Logitech model (see picture). There are even smaller ones available, but those have touch surfaces when I prefer the tactility of buttons. It only took a minute or two for me to get used to its tiny controls, and it feels like a quality product with its rubberized surface and retractable cord. The accessories are new but the processor’s the same as it was so long ago. I feel blessed to have such hardware available for my blogging activities.

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