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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fleckenstein Kicks Greenspan Booty

Now that's more like it! Suzy Assaad is currently interviewing Bill Fleckenstein, who thinks core inflation is a misnomer for there's nothing more core than food and energy. Thus, inflation for him is often understated. Plus, he opines that Alan Greenspan isn't doing anywhere near a good job. Housing, stocks, and bonds are far from promising. For him, basic investments hold little favor. Go for currencies and commodities especially if you're familiar with them. Cool! Like the inimitable Jim Rogers, the iconoclastic Bill Fleckenstein tells it like it is, warts and all. He's not beholden to big business, the government, or anyone else who makes him toe the party line; he goes his own way.

Traditional portfolios are typically proposed as a tradeoff between stocks and bonds. However, in this day and age when stocks drop because of corporations' limited investment opportunities while bonds are likewise unattractive due to geopolitical shenanigans, there must be somewhere else to go. Likely, that isn't hedge funds, which frequently charge fees incommensurate with their returns (sorry, Bill). Study on your own and make your own decisions. Only you can set you free.

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At 7:20 PM, Blogger yellowfruit said...

I totally agree with Fleckenstein in his article today about Greenspan being "the worst Fed ever." Besides mismanagement taken to a new high degree, his plan to ruin the Tech industries, and the NASDAQ in order to make investors refocus investments into the old DOW companies backfired, and stopped our "new, and future economy" dead in its tracks, with high tech firms folding, unemploying thousands, and returning tech property facilities to the banks ownership, further deepening financial problems nation wide. Alan Greenspan and Ms. Cohen, who started the tech sell-off panic, did a wonderful job killing the goose that would lay the golden eggs for our NEW tech economy. We are no longer a DOW Industrial Economy, and the Tech Companies were our future livelihood as a nation, and for GNP growth. Alan killed the goose, and goosed the investing public, causing them to lose, in many cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars of their invested capital. Fleckenstein had it right..Greenspan is the worst Fed ever.


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