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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Going Live

They've got this funny ad on Bloomberg TV Asia of a chap who's getting ready for work. Every room in his house is wired to Mike Bloomberg's omnipresent news service. It's an apt analogy for the ubiquity of Bloomberg TV. Several months ago, I visited Hong Kong. Not only did the major banks' trading floors all sport flat-screen monitors depicting the familiar orange Bloomberg logo, but there were also several elevators with LCD panels showing it as well! See for yourself -->

Whether you're a finance professional, a day trader, a casual investor, or a gold miner, there's something of interest on Bloomberg TV. Since you pretty much can't avoid it if you're at all interested in finance, global markets, or the like, you might as well make the best of what's around. This blog is dedicated to getting the most from watching Bloomberg TV--and making suggestions for improving its quality. Topics will include:
...and much, much, more! All participants are most welcome as we watch...out of necessity, or awe.

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Hello there! Congratulations on your Blog creation.


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